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The Fate of X'leria is a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign, mainly using the 5th edition rule set.

Campaign Description Edit

The campaign takes place in a high fantasy setting on the planet of X'leria. X’leria is a large planet, dominated by a vast ocean that consumes 70% of the world. X'leria has 6 continents that all possess unique environments and civilizations, such as the mercantile Phidesh and the monastic Ezuin. After a chaotic outburst of a god, the ethereal plane has been torn asunder, causing it to partially merge with the prime material plane; as well as erasing the memory of the gods' existance from a majority of the world's population. When an elvish mining company stumbled across a convergence of the 2 planes, they discovered a map that lead them to the pieces a powerful, long forgotten artifact. The map was torn into 12 pieces, 1 for each piece of the artifact, and scattered throughout the world, as the pieces alone were far too powerful and dangerous. Although this information was well kept, the secret of this map could not remain hidden for long, and all sorts of people, mortal or otherwise, seek to find these portions of the map.

The World of X'leria Edit

Starting from top left to bottom right:

The Planes of Existence Edit

  • Prime Material Plane
  • Feywild
  • Shadowfell
  • Elemental Chaos
  • Astral Plane
  • Ethereal Plane

Characters Edit

Player Characters Edit

Non-Player Characters Edit

  • Leonard Grimswarey
  • Thanored
  • Abwyn

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Final Map of X'leria
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